Prepare to enter our magical wonderland where Cinderella awaits her guests.


As the children arrive, they will be gathered in our lounge area. Cinderella will then come to collect her party guests to escort them to our whimsical 'Enchanted Room' where her real life pumpkin is waiting.


Once inside, Cinderella will begin playing games with her guests- musical cushion's and 'dance off'. Prizes are awarded to each winner. Cinderella also has some special dances that she would love to teach her guests...


Cinderella will then seat her guests at our stunning royal dining table where meals will be served.


Time is of the essence! Cinderella has a strict time limit, however; there may be an opportunity for children to play another game or two before the cake is cut and the final farewell from Cinderella.


Additional Option: Why not add on a fun activity to this theme like 'Cupcake Making'? To read more click here


1.5 Hour Duration


Recommended age 2+


* Party suggestion: To add to the experience of this theme, we would like to suggest asking your guests to dress in their best Cinderella costume for full effect.