The Oxford Living Dictionary’s definition of enchant is "to fill (someone) with great delight; charm" and one thing is delightfully obvious when you walk through our front doors is that you and your guests will be not only charmed but completely captivated.

Located in Melbourne’s West, Enchanted Studios is a destination for children’s birthday parties, kitchen teas, baby showers and much more! Whatever the occasion, the theme, the budget or the idea, we would love to explore it!


Enchanted Parties

Our goal is to deliver a beautifully designed, flawlessly executed event that reflects your taste while maintaining a budget and of course without having to lift a finger; we strive on minimizing the stress and maximizing the fun!

Our parties and events are well planned, unique and stylish. We offer cool themed party rooms and blank canvas rooms for any theme you can possibly think of. We can enlist the help of fun entertainers, create engaging crafts activities and much more...

So, sit back, relax and allow us to enchant you!




Enchanted Activities

In this ever-changing world, it’s hard to know what activities we should be doing with our children to help them grow into responsible and resilient adults.

Our Enchanted Activities have been developed for young children and their parents to engage in various activities that encourage children to be children, to be creative, to discover health and wellbeing activities, but most of all, to just have fun.

Think arts and craft classes, mum and bubs yoga, kiddie gym, music classes, acting and performing lessons, book clubs, mindfulness sessions and much more….


Meet The Owners - Natelle and Catherine


We love to (throw a) party!

The idea for Enchanted Studios had been simmering in the background for quite some time for both of us. Both mothers, with creative marketing, events and business backgrounds and a huge love of throwing a party, we realised the need for a one-stop party destination when planning our own children’s parties; having spent hours researching high and low for locations that just didn’t cut it.

Following a conversation about a desire we both had to follow our passion and start our own business, whilst spending more time with our children, we’ve taken the plunge...  

No idea is too big or elaborate, we love a challenge and can’t wait to meet you and plan your next party, host your next event or see your children enjoying one of our many activities. 




Giving Back


Here at Enchanted Studios, we believe in paying it forward.

We are working on a number of things in which we can give back to the local community or to children's charities. 

Some of the charities and people we have helped so far are:

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About Enchanted Studios